The thing about “buzz” – authentic, palpable buzz – is that it has to be earned. Certain movies can go into a film festival with studio-generated “buzz.” And the quality of the film either strengthens or decimates that energy. But the films that have The Goods produce their own buzz because they are excellent films that benefit from word-of-mouth publicity. One such film with serious momentum at the moment is Benedict Cumberbatch’s The Imitation Game

Directed by Morten Tyldum, The Imitation Game tells the story of World War II codebreaker Alan Turing, a brilliant English mathematician who helped turn the tide of the global conflict by shattering Germany’s Enigma code, allowing the Allied forces the chance to gain the upperhand on the world’s adversaries. Clearly, a hero’s life awaited Mr. Turing following the war, right? Um, not exactly. In fact, quite the opposite. 

Alan Turing, you see, was gay. And homosexual activity, at the time, was a crime in England. When Turing was outed, he was persecuted and prosecuted by the government he helped save. Such was the brutality of his punishment, the British government issued an official apology in 2009 – but by then, Turing had died, reportedly of suicide. 

The Imitation Game held its world premiere over the Labor Day weekend at the Telluride Film Festival, and emerged from the festivities as the hottest title in a prestigious group. Despite the fact that Jon Stewart’s Rosewater, Alejandro Inarritu’sBirdman and Reese Witherspoon’s Wild all played (to balanced raves), the buzz on Telluride swirled around The Imitation Game. A few Tweets praised the movie: 

“Imitation Game ,” which just broke at the Herzog, is aces — a brilliant war drama and touching human tragedy. Moving, crackerjack stuff.

Others praised the work of Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing. 

The Imitation Game - Oh my! Marvelous!! Watching Cumberbatch as Turing is enchanting, he’s remarkable. Wow what a film, bravo.

Either way, The Imitation Games goes into this week’s Toronto International Film Festival as THE movie to see, and we expect to hear plenty more about it as the season rolls along. 

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Benedict Cumberbatch @ GQ Awards

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Benedict attending the GQ Awards x x x x x x x

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HQ - Benedict Cumberbatch at the GQ Awards - 02 sep 2014

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Pancakes  Haven Season 4 DVD (deleted scene)

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LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 01: Dan Stevens and Benedict Cumberbatch attends a Gala Screening of ‘The Guest’ at Soho Hotel on September 1, 2014 in London, England

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Hi-Res ! 2014 09 01 - London - Gala Screening of ‘ The Guest ’ at Soho Hotel by Stuart C Wilson

Refer to the links below for the 3000 pixels’ versions !

01 02

Caption : LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 01:  Dan Stevens and Benedict Cumberbatch attend a Gala Screening of “The Guest”at Soho Hotel on September 1, 2014 in London, England.  (Photos by Stuart C. Wilson for Icon Film Distribution)




LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 01: Dan Stevens and Benedict Cumberbatch attends a Gala Screening of ‘The Guest’ at Soho Hotel on September 1, 2014 in London, England

I am loving the wayward curls so hard right now.

The hair is perfection. Benedict looks bloody gorgeous.

Anonymous said: Do you ever think you'll stop drawing fanart? No offense it just seems like the kind of thing you're supposed to grow out of. I'm just curious what your plans/goals are since it isn't exactly an art form that people take seriously.




Ah, fanart. Also known as the art that girls make.

Sad, immature girls no one takes seriously. Girls who are taught that it’s shameful to be excited or passionate about anything, that it’s pathetic to gush about what attracts them, that it’s wrong to be a geek, that they should feel embarrassed about having a crush, that they’re not allowed to gaze or stare or wish or desire. Girls who need to grow out of it.

That’s the art you mean, right?

Because in my experience, when grown men make it, nobody calls it fanart. They just call it art. And everyone takes it very seriously.

It’s interesting though — the culture of shame surrounding adult women and fandom. Even within fandom it’s heavily internalized: unsurprisingly, mind, given that fandom is largely comprised by young girls and, unfortunately, our culture runs on ensuring young girls internalize *all* messages no matter how toxic. But here’s another way of thinking about it.

Sports is a fandom. It requires zealous attention to “seasons,” knowledge of details considered obscure to those not involved in that fandom, unbelievable amounts of merchandise, and even “fanfic” in the form of fantasy teams. But this is a masculine-coded fandom. And as such, it’s encouraged - built into our economy! Have you *seen* Dish network’s “ultimate fan” advertisements, which literally base selling of a product around the normalization of all consuming (male) obsession? Or the very existence of sports bars, built around the link between fans and community enjoyment and analysis. Sport fandom is so ingrained in our culture that major events are treated like holidays (my gym closes for the Super Bowl) — and can you imagine being laughed at for admitting you didn’t know the difference between Supernatural and The X Files the way you might if you admit you don’t know the rules of football vs baseball, or basketball?

"Fandom" is not childish but we live in a culture that commodified women’s time in such away that their hobbies have to be "frivolous," because "mature" women’s interests are supposed to be caretaking, via marriage, children, and the lives of those within an imagined (generally nuclear) family unit: things that allow others to continue their own special interests, while leaving women without a space of their own.

So think about what you’re actually saying when you call someone “too old” for fandom. Because you’re suggesting they are “too old” for a consuming hobby, and I challenge you to answer — what do you think they should be doing instead?

This. So much this.

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Benedict Cumberbatch in Tumblr vs. (nearly) Full Resolution :)

Picture taken on North Gower Street, London (21st of August 2013).

More setlock pics.

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